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A Savvy Skin-Care
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Thank you for visiting A Savvy Skin-Care. .   A Savvy Skin-Care was born by my passion for Aesthetics and dedication to empower my clients by helping them brings back beauty through health which in return it positively impacts self-esteem.  By providing with the most efficient, knowledgeable and beautifying amalgam of therapies I can guarantee your satisfaction.   I am a Licensed and Certified Aesthetician, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified as an Eye Lash Extension Practitioner with a B.A in Education. I am also an active member of ABMP and ASCP and Certified Reiki Master.  I established this company with great dedication love and respect. I do not believe in “the one size fits all” when designing a real customized skin treatment.   My years of experience have taught me that first we cannot ignore the ph of the skin. When the ph is not correct due to extrinsic or intrinsic reasons, the skin will be reactive and will respond by different skin conditions. Secondly, the less “strength” or aggressiveness in skin resurfacing is better, in other words: “Less is more”. Peels are:”controlled chemical burns”.  In order to create a positive corrective response in the skin we need to conservatively remove skin layers or peel it, with the purpose to regenerate it by increasing collagen production, diminish lines, pigment and other conditions.  When this peel, let it be chemical, or mechanical (Lasers, Microdermabrasion, etc) is  too harsh or too deep, we have gone from epidermis to dermis. In many cases I have observed damage such as scarring, pigmentation or lack of pigmentation also known as hypo pigmentation, all this in the pursue of skin correction.  Why? Because when the burn has been too severe it damages the melanocyte which is in charge of pigment production, also when the damage is considered a “3rd degree” the body goes into a “panic “state of repair, laying out scar tissue instead.   Part of my holistic focus is educating and suggesting better diets, detoxing, talking to their doctor and inquiring about hormone levels, medications, etc.  When talking about skincare in my holistic Aesthetics practice we include all aspects that affect this important organ. It is important to have an educated approach to skin and explain to our clients why we have a problem and how to approach it. An informed client is a great client! It is important to change our mindset from “skin types” to skin conditions.  The conditions of the skin will keep on changing throughout the years and during the course of treatment. Even with no treatment we still have skin conditions, not skin types, because our skin will change depending on climate changes, diets, hormones, stress, skincare regimes, sickness, etc.

…A Savvy Skin-Care…   A Holistic Approach to Well Being


Advanced Customized Corrective facial treatments that address aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, rosacea, non-invasive collagen induction therapy, chemical corrective peels, non surgical facelift, ultrasonic, facial fascia release, backfacial, eyebrow/eyelash tint/waxing. Microblading, IIndividual 3D Volume Lash Extensions.