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Coachella 2017 Fashion and Beauty Trends

ET - Whether you’re heading out to Indio, California, for Coachella – or you’re just excited to take in all the music and festival fashion from the comfort of your home – ET has your complete style guide of what to look for at the desert this year. From “glitter roots” to ‘90’s-inspired getups, industry experts [...]

Don’t Care Good Hair: more lo-fi than blow-dry

Guardian - If you’ve got straight hair, you’ll know how when you let it down after it’s been twisted up in a bun, it usually looks a total mess, but just occasionally it looks brilliant: bouncy and shaggy though in a loose, accidental way. That’s the hair I’m talking about. And a new generation of stylists [...]

Keep Your Hair Color Fresh

The Low-Maintenance Guide to Keeping Your Hair Color Fresh THEFASHIONSPOT - Hair color. It can make or break your overall look. But sometimes maintaining your dye job just isn’t possible. Whether you’re constantly jet-setting, can’t afford regular touch-ups or just don’t have the time to sit in a chair for hours on end to maintain your [...]

New Magical Colour-Changing Hair Dye

GARZIA DAILY - New Magical Colour-Changing Hair Dye Debuts At London Fashion Week. Available in a whole host of different colour ranges, from pastels to brights, the dye works by responding to changes in temperature and is currently semi-permanent, washing out after a few shampoos. Currently being used at London Fashion Week in partnership with [...]

Scottsdale Fashion Week 2017

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC - Fashion comes to Scottsdale with runway shows, performances, parties fashion showcases and hair fashion during Scottsdale Fashion Week (SFW), March 2-7.  SFW events will be held at various locations throughout Scottsdale and feature ready-wear designs, swimsuits, active wear and performances by Vanilla Spice and  Daya....READ MORE @ THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC

The Top 9 Beauty Trends Fall 2017

VOGUE - The Top 9 Beauty Trends From the Fall 2017 Fashion Shows. Looking back on the Fall 2017 shows, which carved a sharp path through four international fashion capitals, the definitive beauty takeaway echoed the season’s overtly political messaging—that is, here and now, anything goes. For some designers, this meant a turn back toward [...]

Magnolia Lace 88 Boutique @ Mesa Riverview

Salon suites by Salon Boutique Mesa Riverview invites you to stop by for the ultimate shopping experience! You wont find these treasures anywhere else! Exotic, eclectic, antique, artwork, fashion, hair products delicious soaps and lotions, one of a kind jewelry, purses, Himalayan salt lamps best price and selection in town, furniture, healing modalities and trinkets! [...]